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9'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft. 9'6" Raft

9'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft

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New 2015 Version RD290X 9'6" Saturn Whitewater RaftNEW SATURN 2018 9'6" SATURN OUTFITTER RAFT (RD290X) MODELS IN STOCK NOW!

The all new outfitter model includes;

The brand new 1.2mm PVC dropstitch "Outfitter" floor (50% thicker - $100 value).

Our upgraded Leafield C7 Valves ($100 value)

The upgraded 1.5mm PVC bottom and side tube protection (2.4 total thickness - 70% thicker)


The 9'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft (RD290X) is the newest member to our self-bailing rafting fleet and was suggested by one of our most experienced guides in West Virginia. This raft was specifically designed to offer an affordable alternative to the overpriced mini-rafts on the market today. It is the perfect raft to affordably introduce you to the sport of rafting and is great for 2-5 paddling rafters. For those looking for a solid raft to R2 with this model absolutely can't be beat.

For those looking to compare the quality of our products vs. our competitors the video below with 2 of our customers (in the 9'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft) in some of the most amazing whitewater you will ever see should end all thoughts about the conditions our rafts can manage. This is pretty amazing Class V+ water!

The lightweight and portable Saturn RD290X river raft is great for both fishing and whitewater rafting. The extra thick 1.5mm PVC bottom surface material is extremely thick and can handle all types of abuse. The higher rocker provides an exhilarating ride on whitewater like no other raft! It is an excellent whitewater paddleboat for 4 people or a nifty rowing rig for 1 person when combined with one of our NRS Skidguard or NRS Bighorn frames.

The inflatable thwarts are removable and provide for great seating options. The customized 5.5" drop-stitch inflatable air floor is rated for inflation over 10 psi, making it the most rigid on the market in a 10' raft size. It's extreme rigidity adds to it's agility and makes playboating that much more fun. The commercial grade heavy duty 1.5mm self-bailing bottom floor covering and extra thick black rub strake protector provide for increased protection against punctures.

The 9'6" length and 5'3" width is enough to handle big whitewater or sneak through a tight fit in smaller river canyons. It provides one heck of a ride in Class III+ whitewater! The 9'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft is equally suitable for holding still above a fishing hole, or surfing in your favorite river hole. When paddling big whitewater this raft will keep your adrenaline pumping!

Lightweight, fast and easily maneuvered, SATURN rafts outperform bulky and heavy Hypalon rafts. If a picture is worth 1,000 words then the videos posted by the River Warrior Family out of Oregon are infinite. See a couple of their videos here and here and check out even more on YouTube. The proof about this rafts ability is clearly displayed in these videos.

Here are some additional product features:River Warrior Family - 9'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft

  • Our whitewater raft tubes are made of heavy-duty 1,100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm. The new Outfitter upgraded floors are made with a double layer of PVC on the surface of the floor (over 1.2mm).  The bottom black layer below the floor is designed with extra thick 1.5 mm material wrapping up to the exterior tube centers. This boat is as tough as it gets!
  • All Saturn Whitewater Rafts are self-bailing
  • Upgraded Leafield valves (over $150 value) ensure hassle-free inflation/deflation of the tubes.
  • 5.5" thick drop-stitch high-pressure air floor (pressure rating over 10 psi)
  • Soft lifting handles in front and rear.
  • Rubbing strake all around the raft.
  • 1 pressure relief valve in side tubes.
  • 2 stainless steel D-rings inside and 10 D-rings outside accommodate all types of frames and/or gear.
  • Self bailing holes all around raft bottom perimeter.
  • 2 detachable 10" diameter inflatable thwarts.
  • Accessories: repair kit, hand pump, and carry bag.
  • 3-year retail warranty, 1-year commercial.
  • Alternative colors may be available for bulk orders.
  • Frames sold separately.

Many of the pictures show our custom NRS Raft Frames. Package the 9'6" Saturn Whitewater Raft with any NRS Frame Package at our reduced pricing and you’ll have an absolutely perfect setup for leisurely drifting away from reality during your next floating adventure. Call us at (800) 217-3270 for custom frame sizes and package quotes.See this great article for more information on what customers are looking for in a raft this size (Canoe & Kayak article).

Raft Specification

2 Exterior Tubes, 2 Inflatable Thwarts (Removable), and 1 Dropstitch Inflatable Outfitter Floor (rated over 10 psi!)
Included Standard
Not Included
Not Included
2 (Pin System)
Included Standard
Outfitter Air Deck Floor (Over 10 psi) with 12 mm dia. bailing holes
Leafield C7
2-Year Included
80 lbs

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