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NRS Fishing Frame Guide Package. Saturn Raft Packages

NRS Fishing Frame Guide Package

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MSRP: $1,605.00 Price: $1,485.00 Shipping: $150.00

Combine one of our Saturn Whitewater Rafts with our customized NRS Fishing Frame and you'll have a fishing package even the guides will be jealous of. This package is an excellent setup for fishing narrow streams, tight canyon floats and riding big whitewater. The versatile design works great for both fishing excursions and multi-day low-volume trips. Everything you need – just add fishermen.

  • The NRS Fishing Raft Frame is ideal for a day out on the river catching fish. You get a comfortable rowers seat in the middle and a raised Action Swivel Seat that puts the angler up high for ease of casting.
  • The Stern Seat Mount gives you room for another angler in the back of the boat, with an Action Swivel Seat that allows you to fish at any angle.
  • A U-Shaped Thigh Bar (standard Thighbar optional) gives added stability for the front angler, while the Rear "Y" Thigh Bar does the same in the back.
  • The NRS Anchor Mount (not included in package but optional) is a great tool for staying in the spot where the fish are. The pulley system brings the operation of the anchor within easy reach of the rower. Anchor and rope sold separately (3/8" polypropylene rope is recommended)
  • (2) Carlisle Oars combined with (2) Carlisle Outfitter Blades, are tough and durable; giving you the power to keep you in place or get you back upstream.
  • (2) Oar Sleeves give you a quieter system while a pair of Oar Rights keep your oar at the right angle to the water for maximum efficiency with minimum effort.
  • (4) 3' NRS 1" HD Straps and (2) 4' NRS 1" HD Straps will secure the frame to your boat.

If you have questions about which boat package would best fit your needs or about substitutions, please call us at (208)559-5449.

Package Includes Over 8% Discount: 

  • NRS Raft Fishing Frame ($625)
    • 13' Saturn Raft - (54" x 65")
    • 14' Saturn Raft - (60" x 68")
    • 14'6" Saturn Raft - (62" x 68")
    • 15' Saturn Raft - (66" x 78")
  • Rear Stern Seat Mount ($205)
  • U-Shaped Thigh Bar ($105)
  • Rear "Y" Thigh Bar ($100)
  • (2) Carlisle Oar Shafts (Blue, Black or Yellow) ($85/ea)
    • 13' Saturn Raft - 8' to 8.5' recommended
    • 14' Saturn Raft - 8.5' to 9' recommended
    • 14'6" Saturn Raft - 8.5' to 9.5' recommended
    • 15' Saturn Raft - 9' to 10' recommended
    • 16' Saturn Raft - 9.5' to 10.5' recommended
  • (2) Carlisle Outfitter Blades (Black or Yellow) ($65/ea)
    • 6.5" recommended for 13' Saturn Raft
    • 8" recommended for 14' and larger Saturn Raft
  • 2 ea. - Oar Rights, Oar Sleeves and Oarlocks ($140 for all)
  • 2 ea. - Springs and Washers ($5)
  • 4 - 3' NRS 1" HD Straps ($16)
  • 2 - 4' NRS 1" HD Straps ($8)

Recommended Options - Not Included (Call to Order with your Package):


NRS Fishing Frame Package w/Regular Thigh BarNRS Fishing Frame Package on 14' Saturn RaftNRS Fishing Frame Package in 14' Saturn Raft

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