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13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak. 13' Whitewater Kayak

13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak

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Our newest model 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayaks just arrived and come with new upgraded accessories, Heytex PVC fabric, high-end inflation valves, and an extra thick layer of PVC on the dropstitch floor. Two high-back foam seats are now included standard ($100 value) along with a high-pressure hand pump and kayak paddle.  It was design for the everyday use by outfitters and guides but is a great option for those looking for some added protection in the area where most of the wear occurs. We are also a full NRS dealer and can provide kayak package discounts including kayak paddles, helmets, PFD's, and other gear. Call us for custom package quotes at (800) 217-3270.

13' Saturn WW Kayak - Brian SavageThese kayaks are one of the best values on the inflatable kayak market today and are soon to be focused in the Kayak Angler magazine along with our PRO Fishing Kayak. With all of these improvements, we can't keep them in stock! Click here to see our customer Justin Bledsoe running some Class III+ whitewater in tandem with the upgraded highback kayak seats - great line!

Rated for commercial use our 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak is ready for Class IV and larger rapids anywhere on the globe. This is a professional grade self-bailing kayak ready for the extreme adventurer in big whitewater. The 13’ length and 6” high-pressure air deck floor provide the perfect combination to accommodate 2 adults or 1 adult and sufficient gear for a multi-day canyon float (see customer photos of a multi-day Owyhee River setup below).Our new cold welded technology and material improvements now have a floor pressure rating over 10 psi (that's nearly 3 times the average in the industry and the most rigid floor in the inflatable market).

Saturn whitewater inflatable kayaks are highly rugged, extremely rigid and sturdy, and will rival the performance of a hard-shell kayak but with the added convenience of portability. The 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak is perfect for someone that wants to take their kayak hiking, traveling or camping as well as be able to store it in a closet or throw in the trunk of a car. They offer supreme convenience, versatility and fun.

This inflatable kayak is made of the same heavy-duty upgraded 1100 Heytex PVC which we use to construct our Saturn Triton inflatable boats and rafts. The floor is made of a near 6" high-pressure air deck that is extremely rigid when inflated (rated over 10 psi), but can be rolled up when deflated. The floor thickness is the same as the air deck floor design in our Saturn Whitewater Rafts. The 13' Saturn Whitewater Kayak comes with multiple pre-installed heavy-duty D-rings to easily move the included kayak seats to different locations throughout the interior making 1-2 passenger use simple and efficient.

What makes this kayak different from our other kayaks is the high-pressure near 6" thick self-bailing floor which is unrivaled for its rigidity and thickness. It is a must for rocky river conditions and also provides a much greater weight capacity. Compared to our Expedition kayaks which have a 2" thick floor the capacity is dramatically increased. The self-bailing design is a must if you're going to be taking the kayak in river conditions where you expect to take on some water.

  • Heavy duty 1,100 Heytex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm. Fabric is thick, puncture and abrasion resistant.
  • Near 6" thick high-pressure self-bailing air deck floor (rated up to 10 psi - the highest in the industry!)
  • 10 Heavy-duty D-rings.
  • 2 towing/securing D-rings in front and back.
  • Upgraded inflation valves
  • Accessories: 2 double-sided kayak paddles, 2 highback foam seats, 1 high pressure hand pump, 1 repair kit and carry bag.

Check out the sweet pictures and testimonial submitted by Brian Savage on 3/8/16;

I am late in writing to you, but wanted to say thanks for the Bomber IK.  Our family has 2 of them now plus a 15' Whitewater Raft (pictured in your 2011 Photo Contest Winning Photo).. my brother-in-law.  We love our boats and have had numerous epic trips (Wild Scenic Rogue, various runs on the American, etc.).  The attached photos are from a recent run on the American River (Satan's Cesspool in the Gorge).  Thanks again for the quality boats...Brian

Brian Savage in the 13' WW KayakBrian Savage in the 13' WW Kayak

Kayak Specification

2 Exterior Tubes and 1 Inflatable Rigid Floor
50 lbs (not including gear or paddles)
2 Adults + 1 Child
700 lbs

Several years ago I purchased an inflatable whitewater kayak (WK396). I have never experienced any issues with this kayak and it continues to exceed our expectations.

The reason I am contacting you is that when I purchased this kayak, I ordered it with the deluxe high-back seats. These have been fantastic, but the raft never came with thwarts.

I would like to know if thwarts for this kayak are able to be purchased separately? I would like two, but if only one is available that would also work.

Please let me know if this is a possibility.

I would just like to say again, it is a fantastic kayak. You guys produce a great product.

Best Regards, Matt

I wanted to let you know that Captain Francis passed away yesterday unexpected, from a heart attack.

His death was sudden and unexpected, and has really taken the community by surprise…..

Capt Francis loved to take out the kids with handy caps and broken homes out on the waters and give them an experiences that otherwise they would never have gotten.

He was extremely proud of the Saturn’s we purchased form you last year…. He knew that you had given us a special deal on them, and told everyone how God gave his ministry the gift….

Take Care.

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