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12' Saturn Raft/Kayak. 12' Raft/Kayak

12' Saturn Raft/Kayak

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The 2018 Outfitter Version raft/kayaks with the upgraded 1.2mm PVC dropstitch floor are arriving in August! The Outfitter floor is now standard on all models and the 1.2mm PVC construction along with improved reinforcing technology combine the make this floor the most rigid on the inflatable kayak market at over 10 PSI!

The 12' Saturn River Raft/Kayak is a great fit for fishing your local lake or river but also serves as the most stable whitewater kayaks in the industry. The high roker curves, near 14" diameter tubes, high pressure air floor, and long waterlines provide an exhilarating yet extremely stable ride in Class II+ whitewater like no other kayak/raft. The 2016 model also includes our upgraded Leafield C7 valves, 70% thicker floor covering (1.5mm PVC - black - $80 value), and extra protection on the side tubes.

The Saturn Raft/Kayak makes an excellent whitewater paddleboat for 2-3 people. Weighing less than 50 lbs it can easily be carried into remote locations and transported with ease. It's a great hunting/fishing machine and as you can see below can be used in many situations where an ordinary kayak or raft won't cut it.

The raft/kayak comes standard as a non self-bailing boat but can be easily be converted into a self-bailer by cutting 6-8 round holes the size of a dime in the kayaks bottom along the perimeter. There is sufficient room in the non-air chamber perimeter floor to make that task simply and quick.

This model includes;

  • Heavy duty 1,100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric coated on both side with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm. Fabric is thick, puncture and abrasion resistant.
  • 1.5mm extra-thick PVC floor.
  • 2.5" thick high-pressure air deck floor.
  • 2 towing/securing D-rings (front and back).
  • Leafield C7 air valves (over $80 value)
  • Accessories: 1 paddle, repair kit and carry bag.
  • Upgraded hand pump included. 


2016 12' Saturn Raft/Kayak with Custom NRS Fishing Frame Package2016 12' Saturn Raft/Kayak with Custom NRS Fishing Frame Package

" My brother, Paul, said you wanted a few photos of a drift trip for shoal bass that we recently took.  I only have a few with the boat (very impressive by the way and perfect for where we fish for shoal bass and trout) since I was fishing out of it.  Since our friend, Ian Sasso, was fishing out of a kayak, he took most of the pics and videos that include the boat.  I've seen the video and I think you'll like it.  I also posted some photos on Facebook and put a hashtag for you." - Ron Cave

(Note: The NRS Fishing Frame Package shown in photos above is a custom frame we sell for about $1,000 and includes: 68" side rails, 36" cross bars, 8" oar stands, oarlocks, 2 seat attachments, lowback seat, highback seat, and oars. Call (208)350-6572 for specific quote)

  • (2) 68" Side Rails with LoPro's
  • (3) 36" Cross Bars with LoPro's
  • (2) clamp on Seat Mounts
  • (1) Highback Seat with swivel mount
  • (2) Lowback Seat (no swivel)
  • (1) Pair of 8" Oar Stands
  • (2) 7' Carlisle Oars - Black
  • (2) 8" Carlisle Outfitter Blades
  • (2) Molded Oar Sleeves
  • (1) Pair of Rubber Oar Stoppers

"...I have recently purchased, and finally got to take out my new River Raft/Kayak.  We had a great time using it down a river with some quick moving water.  It handled very nicely and the main thing it was fun!"

"...Love the boat.  Took it down the Snake River in Jackson Hole, WY the first weekend I had it.  Class IV whitewater!  Yes, I swam." T. UT

I had e-mailed you a short time ago asking about where I should put drain holes in my River raft. Well my job is complete and we tested it out this past week while on vacation in the Berkshire's in MA. We (my children age 10 & 12 and I) shot the Zoar Gap on the Deerfield River. We had a blast and stayed an extra day to go back for more! Here's a couple of photos I hope you can use. Thanks for a great product at an average price for the working people! We even shot a Class II with my Labrador Retriever Astro! Stay well, Mark 


Kayak Specification

3 + 2
49 lbs
3' 10"
3 adults
770 lbs

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