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10' Heavy-Duty Fishing Boat. Saturn Inflatable Boats

10' Heavy-Duty Fishing Boat

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2021 is going to be an exciting year for our fishing product line and the all new 10' Heavy-Duty Saturn Fishing Boat (FB300) is one of the main reasons. This product was designed specifically for those who want a true fishing machine but need greater portability than a traditional hard bottom boat. Kick off the impact of the pandemic last year and start off the new year on the water in our most versatile fishing boat. The 2021 model 10' Saturn FB300 is constructed of our new an improved Heytex PVC material and upgraded Leafield C7 inflation valves which combine to represent over $200 in additional value. You also get 2 of our custom rod holders and the front motor mount included with any online purchase. If you want just a bit more interior room and don't mind carrying an extra 25 lbs or so, you might also consider the 12' model FB365. 

Please spend a few minutes looking through the product photos to truly get a feel for all of the upgraded options we've designed on this boat. Every inch of the FB300 was utilized to provide the best fishing machine you'll find in a 10' inflatable boat. Some of the features include multiple layers of extra thick 1.5mm PVC (glued along the bottom of the tubes and up to rub strakes on side of tubes), an entire bottom floor covering of extra thick PVC, pre-installed rod holders, inflatable keel, custom detachable bow motor mount, heavy duty D-rings, interior drain valve, rear lifting handles, front stainless steel lifting handle, removable bench seats, a custom sectional aluminum floor.  

The Saturn FB300 boat features two lines with grommets that are shifted off of the center of the tubes, leaving enough space in between to store cargo on top of tubes. An additional extra wide strake protection layer is glued on top to provide maximum protection to store all types of gear directly onto the tubes. Our new patent pending cargo lacing system was added on the top of the tubes to add extra cargo and maximum valuable interior storage space. You can see in the photos how well the lacing system allows for drybags, duffle bags, bait boxes, tents, smaller coolers, dive gear, or even a fillet board. 

The 10' Saturn FB300 is our heaviest-duty inflatable boat, primarily designed for fishing. The additional protection material on the top and bottom of the tubes certainly adds some extra weight but for those looking for the extra reinforcement or maximum ability to withstand abuse this might just be your perfect fit. Two custom sockets for detachable fishing rod holders were added on top of the tubes in the bow area and you also get 2 custom rod holders. We've also added a front motor mount at the bow for installation of an electric trolling motor along with our standard rear transom for installation of a 20-HP outboard. An actual front motor mount will be included as a bonus gift for all online orders, suitable for up to a 55lb electric trolling motor. 

Our heavy-duty sectional aluminum floor provides extra protection where you need it most!  Simply put, the Saturn FB300 inflatable fishing boat is THE choice for those looking for the most versatile and durable inflatable fishing boat on the market. If you're not specifically targeting fishing but are looking for a great inflatable boat for scuba diving, or explorer remove islands, this boat works great for that too.

Saturn FB300 Inflatable Boat Specifications


  • Upgraded German Heytex PVC  in SATURN boats & rafts.
  • Double line of grommet lines to secure cargo on top of of the side tubes.
  • Splash guards with safety grab rope.
  • Extra thick and wide rub strake protector on top and bottom of the exterior tubes.
  • Extra thick and wide rub strake protector on bottom of the keel.
  • Additional 1.5mm PVC layer on bottom of tubes, up to side rub strakes.
  • Bottom V-keel section of the boat made of 1.5mm upgraded Heytex PVC.
  • Detachable bow motor mount for electric trolling motor.
  • Two mounting brackets and custom included fishing rod holders.
  • 4 x D-rings in the bow area and 2 x D-rings on top of the rear tubes.
  • Towing D-ring in a bow area.
  • Sectional heavy-duty aluminum floor - see our Attachment Tab for installation instructions.
  • Front stainless steel handle with integrated D-ring for light anchor rope.
  • Folding aluminum rowing oars.
  • Additional holders for rowing oars inside tubes.
  • Included: hand pump, repair kit, carry bag, 2 aluminum benches, anchor rope and rowing oars.
  • 2 custom rod holders and a front motor mount bracket are included for all online orders of our new 2021 model.
  • Duffel bags and fishing rods shown for illustration purposes only. Not included.

Boat Specification

3 + 1
Sectional Aluminum
1000 lbs
15 HP (15" Shaft / 125 lbs)
Included Standard
45"x24"x14" and 36"x24"x4"
2 Oars Included (Alum.)
Included Standard
152 lbs
2-Year Included
37 lbs
Included Standard

Heytex PVC Specs (170407_brochure_HEYboats_EN_DE_view.pdf, 1,259 Kb) [Download]

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