How do I enter a photo into the Saturn Boats Contest?

Register, upload your inflatable boat photo, and enter a title and description. It really is just that easy. Follow the three steps below.

  1. Capture an Inflatable Boats photo using either your phone or a professional camera – it’s completely up to you!
  2. Go to and fill out the short registration form.
  3. While filling out the form, select your photo and title it.
  4. Click upload, agree to the terms of use and read the rules and regulations, and join the contest!
  5. Share the link to your photo with friends, family, and others in order to win $1000 worth of Saturn Boats gift certificates.

Who can enter a photo in the Saturn Boats Inflatable Boats Photo Contest?

Individuals age 18 and older who capture or own an Inflatable Boats photo are eligible to enter. Participants must be residents of the USA and/or Canada. All specific entry rules can be found on the Rules and Regulations page. No purchase necessary to enter and win.

What Types of Photos Are Allowed?

All appropriate boat related photos that meet the rules and regulations and terms and conditions are eligible to be entered into the contest. If you captured or own an Inflatable Boats photo that meets the TERMS OF USE and RULES AND REGULATIONS of the contest, simply upload it and compete to win the $1000 gift certificate prize. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

When is the deadline to enter the contest?

Participants can submit to the contest until September, 15th, 2014 at midnight. Most entrants, however, will likely share their Inflatable Boats photos earlier on in the competition to maximize their time frame for accruing votes.

How many photos am I allowed to enter?

Participants are allowed to enter only one photo. Violation of this rule breaks the TERMS OF USE and RULES AND REGULATIONS.

How does the ranking system work?

The ranking system is dependent upon the number of votes received. For instance, if there are three photos and photo “A” has 1 vote, “B” has 2 votes, and “C” has 3 votes, photo “C” would be ranked number one, “B” number two, and “A” number three. The participant with the highest ranking at the end of the contest period wins the Saturn Boats Inflatable Boats Photo Contest.

How is the winner notified?

The winner is promptly notified via email within two weeks.

Who sponsors this contest?

Saturn Boats, an online inflatable boats specialty store, is the sponsor of this contest. Want to learn more about the sponsor? Visit their website homepage.

Who Created the Platform for the Contest?

Planet Contests is the technology provider and created and monitors the platform for the “Saturn Boats Inflatable Boats Photo Contest”.

Do I have to purchase anything to enter?

NO. A purchase is NOT necessary to enter or win the Saturn Boats Contest. Purchases do not increase the chance of winning.